Infrastructure Information

Our School

The schools infrastructure should be a suitable space for learning. Our school building is attractive and have adequate lighting, comfortable seating, useful service facilities such as library, prayer room, functional playground, classrooms, white and bulletin boards, laboratories, separate sanitary facilities for boys and girls and for staff and staff rooms etc.

  • Classrooms: classrooms are the backbone of the school. They are structured to be comfortable and can have adequate number of students. Our classrooms provide the flexibility to engage our students with innovative learning styles while the open areas are lit with natural light and airing as well as the seating are movable that can be arranged in different ways to see the teacher.
  • Library: The library plays a vital role in the learning process as it is equipped by books that are arranged subject wise. It is a place where students can go for a quite reading and studying.
  • Laboratories: Laboratories are an essential in every school. The School has well equipped laboratories For Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments.
  • Playgrounds: Playgrounds constitute an important part of a school. We ensured to design and layout the playground with good consideration. It accommodates all sports and outdoor activities for the students and it is safe for children.
  • Canteen: Our canteen provides a range of healthy choices that students are able to choose from with a variety of food.
  • Prayer room: Recently added to our school is the prayer room. It is quiet and carpeted with air conditioner to accommodate it.
  • Staff rooms: It is a room where the teachers can meet and interact with each other and do corrections of work of students. The room also have lockers for every teacher to put her personal belongings.

These resources help the students to feel comfortable at school and we hope to progress even better.