Rules and Regulations

Important Notes

  • Please call on the telephone number (17369009) regarding any absences or emergencies.
  • The school is not responsible for reminding the parents about the medical deadline.
  • The school is not responsible to call the parents in case the student forgets his stuff at home.
  • The school will calculate the times that the student has been late from 7:45 and school uniform violations, and will be applied to the list of student discipline issued by the Ministry of Education / Student Services Department.
  • Repeating school violations will lead to the suspension of the student.
  • Mobile phones will be confiscated off the student and will only be handed over to the parents.
  • Please pay attention to student’s official working hours. Parents should present a medical excuse in case of absence.
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School uniform:

  • Shirts should be selected according to the color selection found in House of Uniform. Hands size should be appropriate not short (girls).
  • Veil and Sheila should be in black, gray, white, light pink, or navy.
  • Winter jackets that are permitted to wear are black, gray, white, beige and navy.
  • Shawls that are permitted to wear are black, gray, white, beige and navy.
  • Colored lenese are prohibited.
  • Hairstyles and fashion exotic hairstyles are strictly prohibited. Hair should be tied at the back.
  • Hair dyes are also prevented that are contrary to societal norms and habits.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones and various kinds of audio recorders (iPads, iPods, cameras and latptops). Devices will be confiscated and will only be handed over to the parents.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring and put makeup (eyeliner, mascara, foundation, powder, shadow and lipsticks). The school also prevents nail polish and nail extensions.
  • The school prohibit wearing accessories such as sunglasses and hats inside the school.


School gate:

  • School gate will close at 7:45, and student shall not be allowed to enter unless they are accompanied by guardian.
  • Students shall only be claimed by their parents (mother and father). They will not be given to the maid or driver unless an ID card is presented.


Medical appointments:

  • Students who have a medical appointment should attend school in advance and go through the exit procedure.
  • In case a student is absent, a medical excuse should be brought to the administration.


Class restrictions:

  • Students should have the teachers permission to leave the class (student out pass).
  • Rude behavior will not be tolerated in class.
  • Lessons, tests and examinations will not be given to the student if he/she is absent (unless their is a medical excuse).
  • Students should behave in decency during and after school hours.
  • Uniform for boys:
    1. Light blue cotton shirt
    2. Gray trousers
    3. Gray Neck Tie
    4. Black shoes + white socks
  • Uniform for girls:
    1. Light pink formal shirt
    2. Gray trousers/skirt
    3. Gray Neck Tie
    4. Black shoes + white socks
  • Uniform for PE:
    1. Navy blue trousers
    2. White shoes + white socks